Crafted perfection

Stella Soomlais is a young designer from the wave of fresh new craftsmen, fashion designers and tinkerers who have emerged over the last few years in Estonia. Since starting her own studio in 2011, Stella has quickly built a distinct and well-known brand and following. Her stylish line of bags, wallets and armlets are minimalist and fashionable, crafted by hand detail by detail. In addition, she tailors unique bags for some customers with more specific requests.

The website follows the same idea of simplicity and visuality. Photography is in the front and center, textual content is pushed a bit back, except in the blog. The idea of the website is mostly about introducing, showcasing Stella, her work and her customers of tailor made bags. There's no shop to make purchases as her approach revolves around quality, hand craft and small quantities.

The design makes use of the background, showing (mostly ambient) photographs on it behind the body text. The content is set on a dark "paper" to further push the visuality of the brand.

As a norm in 2014, the website makes good use of responsive technologies and collapses neatly into a different layout for small smartphone screens.